About Us!

Center for Optimal Health (CFOH) assists clients in their wellbeing through massage therapy, healing products and Reiki classes. The various Massage modalities include Swedish, Deep tissue, Lymphatic, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Meridian Massage. Linda listens to clients and then formulates a plan of treatment to help clients feel better and promote better health. Some of the products we offer include the BioMat - an infrared spa for your bed; the Alka-Life water filter and pH regulator; Essential Oils bottled with Reiki by Linda; Grounding Mats for home and office and various creams and ointments for pain relief and mineral supplement. Check our facebook page for Reiki Class Events. Linda provides Massage therapists with Continuing Education Units for her Reiki classes.

Linda does primarily house calls and can be reached at 954-907-7340.