Massage Therapy!

Swedish Massage: Extremely relaxing technique using long strokes, kneading, vibration and stretching with light oils. Pressure can range from very light to very firm, an ideal combination of techniques for a perfect massage. Clients report greater vitality, improved mobility and more restful sleep.

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage: Invigorating combination of Swedish, deep muscle, trigger point and sports massage to lengthen, stretch and relieve tightness in tired, sore muscles. Excellent for releasing lactic acid build-up from athletic pursuits.

Reflexology for Hand & Feet: Pressure points in the hands & feet refer to various glands & organs throughout the body. Applying massage and pressure to these specific points & organs aids in restoring health and balance.

Aromatherapy Massage: A soothing combination of Swedish massage and vita flex using essential oils to treat muscular & joint pain, headaches and mental stress. The ancient art employs the healing properties of pure oils of flowers, plants and herbs applied by caring, hands-on massage, providing an emotionally and physically uplifting treatment.

La Stone Therapy: A luxurious massage using heated basalt rocks and chilled marble stones. Treat your whole self to another level of relaxation and relief. Feel the heat and strength of the rocks as they cares your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: A very gentle procedure to cleanse your body by eliminating fluid retention, toxins and trapped proteins in your tissues; the therapist stimulates your immune system to help you relax by releasing physical and emotional stress.

Swe-Thai Massage: A combination of stretching and deep tissue treatment.

Acutonics: Vibration *Tone* Frequency applied to acupuncture points to assist whole body healing. May be added to any massage.

Reiki Massage: Chakra Balancing and healing. We are Continued Education Providers for the state of Florida. Ask about ongoing CEU classes.