Universal Life Energy

In Japanese, Rei means spirit and ki means energy. Reiki, usually translated as "Universal Life Energy" present in all living things, is an ancient Tibetan healing method rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan in the mid 1800's. In 1938, Ms. Takata, who lived in Hawaii, became the Reiki Grand Master. She trained 22 teachers before her death in 1980 and was responsible for the Western Reiki movement.

Reiki can be used to heal ourselves and others. Simple and easy to learn, Reiki addresses our healing on many levels.

We are born with an innate ability to heal. Our natural ability, however, is often neglected in a culture that recognizes our rational minds while leaving our intuitive and healing abilities underdeveloped.

By receiving Reiki treatments or taking Reiki classes, we can re-awaken the healing power that lives within each of us.