Reiki Classes

Anyone can learn to use Reiki! One needs only the desire to learn and use this simple healing method. Medical professionals, massage therapists, and counselors can use Reiki concurrently with their own healing modalities.

In a Reiki 1 class, usually taught in two 4-hour sessions, persons are attuned to the energy and learn the history of Reiki, the basic hand positions for treatment and ways to use Reiki in their own lives and in service to others. The energy attunement occurs in four initiations shared by the Reiki Master with each student. Class time is provided for students to begin practicing Reiki on themselves and on the other students, under the caring supervision of the Reiki Master. The only prerequisites for learning the Usui System of Reiki are: openness, desire to learn and commitment to use Reiki in one's life.
Cost: $100
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A Reiki 2 class is usually taught in two 4-hour sessions. In this class, persons who have completed Reiki 1 training and have used Reiki actively in their lives renew their commitment to the use of Reiki. Students are taught the methods for sending Reiki at a distance and for furthering the mental, spiritual and emotional healing processes of individuals.
Cost: $200
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