Stress Management!

Corporate offices through-out North America are awakening to the rewards of chair massage in the work place. Companies are looking to how they can better serve their employees as well as their customers. One way is by allowing employees the rewards of a fifteen minute chair massage in the offices of corporate America.

"A fifteen minute magnetic roll-out is equal to four hours of rest!"

Clinical tests have shown that massage increases alertness and productivity. If you would like to have more alert, productive, healthy, happy employees with less absenteeism call today for information on what schedule best suits your needs. Show your employees how valued they are with less time than the average coffee break.


    To Employer
  • More productivity
  • Less Absenteeism
  • Better employee/employer relations
  • Lower turnover

    To Employee
  • Renewed alertness
  • Greater vitality
  • More creativity
  • Better decision making
  • Boost in morale

With a minimum of eight fifteen-minute massages, Center For Optimal Health's therapist will come into your office and remove physical symptoms of stress and tension. Our professional therapists bring quality massage chairs to your location and work on fully clothed clients. So start or add to your wellness program by introducing chair massage to your employees.
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